Our Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution is built on a Configuration Management System (CMS) platform. We will create a CMDB that contains all required information for the organization’s assets and physical Infrastructure. We gather data from dynamic, third party and historical sources and show the relationship between components of the data.

This produces a robust, reliable and trusted source of information from your IT environment driving your asset management capabilities forward.

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In the industry, there are large varieties of cable solutions to meet the demand of customers. From copper to fiber manufacturers there are options to suit all types of installations. The investment requires careful planning, as there are labor, space and material considerations. Legacy solutions are too old or expensive to replace, and have become unmanageable cable plants.

ABSS provides a dynamic automated end-to-end cable management solution that allows for efficient use of cable patching, ports, and infrastructure saving in people resources as well as physical infrastructure.

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A proprietary poller service is implemented to scan and gather live network information.

The data is shared with the CMS warehouse and classified for system use. Polling is done at intervals, but network changes are tracked instantly. Alarmed events can be shared and integrated with client ticketing and security systems or 3rd party applications.

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Visualize Your Data

See all your data from anywhere – through a Single Pane of Glass!

Manages both Data Centers and Office Buildings. Multiple sites in a Single Database.
Innovative Cable Management. Real-Time switch polling married to physical-layer cabling.
Full Equipment configuration - power, circuits, asset-data. Power at the Rack - and out to the street.
Everything is interconnected. Say good-bye to vertical apps!


Here at ABSS, we are not just an application software provider. Our DCIM solution consists of services to help organize and manage your physical and device infrastructure on a local, regional or global scale. Integrated with our patented application - Site Manager - we provide the design, integration and support to digitize your physical IT Infrastructure.

Capacity Planning
Rack Space
Power Margins
Available Cab Ports
Switch-Port Usage

Asset Management
Asset Locations & Ownership
Device Searches
Lifecycle Management
Warranty Data
Maintenance Intervals

Link to Procurement Systems
Move Management
Automated Emailing
Database Update Alerts

Campus Views
Mutli-building Layouts
POE Cabling
Inter-Building Cabling
GIS Mapping
Site Summaries

Floor Plan Views
Desk & Workspaces
Occupant Moves
Org Charts
Horizontal Cabling

Major International Client (240 sites Worldwide)
Major NYC Client (500 sites Citywide)
- Scalable to single sites -


Site Manager Overview

In depth look at the product.

Single Pane of Glass Concept

All in one DCIM.

Enhanced Cable Management

Learn more about ECM.

Benefits of
Cable Management Software

ECM Brochure

Learn more about ECM.

Our services combined with our DCIM and cable management software suite is the solution IT Infrastructure managers have been looking for.

The proven system only available to private clients is now ready for market use.

The cost of cable infrastructure and computer room space is a required commodity that can no longer be ignored.

Our automation tools will maximize your current investment in Infrastructure and guide you towards the future.

Space and power are at a premium in today’s Data Centers and office buildings.

Our Data Center Infrastructure Management system will give you the data to make the right decisions and maximize your technology spend in both CAPEX and OPEV.

Let us be part of your solution and solve the outcomes and goals you are aiming for.

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